No. 11540. Marie JPM-01 Médoc (F-PGMB c/n 06)
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Marie JPM-01 Médoc

08/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This original two-seater of all-wood construction was designed by Jean-Pierre Marie and the type was marketed for amateur construction in plans form.

The first example was completed by Pierre-Claude Guillem and registered
F-PGMB it first flew on September 8, 1987. Originally fitted with a 65 hp JPX 4T-60A engine, it later received an 80 hp Limbach L2000 and the aircraft was winner of the 1988 SFACT Trophy for best multi place design. The JPM-01 built by the designer himself was first flown in August 1993, registered as

A diesel engine powered version was designated JPM-01 Médoc Provence and the first example was completed by Didier Davenna in 2005. He had it registered as F-PDVN under the designation JPM-01 DDI. By mid-2012 at least fourteen Médocs has been built."

Created August 31, 2012