No. 11906. Tech'Aero TR-200 (F-PATR c/n 04)
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Tech'Aero TR-200

05/15/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The TR-200 unlimited aerobatic two-seater was designed by Frenchman Gérard Feugray and later the type was marketed, in kit form, for amateur construction by Tech'Aero. It was derived from the TR-260 single-seater, but differed in several major aspects.

The first TR-200 example was first flown in August 1988 and this aircraft had been constructed for the Cercle Normand de Voltige Aérien. It differed from all subsequent machines in having a curved trailing edge on the vertical tail. The second TR-200 was completed by Paul Prudent, also in France, which differed mainly in having a slightly increased wingspan and overall length.

The first kit-built example of the TR-200 was flown on March 17, 1991 and by the year 2000 at least six aircraft had been completed, including the pictured aircraft which was built by Richard Broggio in 1992. Common powerplant was a 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 series engine. The tandem seating arrangement of the TR-200 allowed it to be used as an aerobatic trainer. Plans for amateur construction were later available from the designer.

Created May 15, 2013