No. 12214. O'Dell Aeromaster (N67J c/n REO-3)
Photographs by O'Dell

O'Dell Aeromaster

12/31/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This four-seat homebuilt aircraft was the second design of Rex E. O'Dell of Saginaw, Michigan, USA, and it represented an approximate 75% scale replica of the pre-war Beechcraft Model 17 stagger wing biplane. Despite having smaller overall dimensions, the Aeromaster (nicknamed Son of Beech) was still constructed as a four-seater.

Powered by a 245 hp Jacobs R755-9 radial engine, the aircraft was first flown on September 17, 1993, after design work had started in 1975 and the construction in May 1980. The type was not intended for amateur construction and it remained a one-of-a-kind aircraft. On May 7, 2009 it was registered to Ready Aim Flyer of Wilmington, Delaware."

Created December 31, 2013