No. 12316. Technoflug Piccolo B (HB-2133 c/n 15)
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Technoflug Piccolo B

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The AN-20K single-seat motor glider was derived from the Swiss Neukom AN-20B (designed by Albert Neukom), but it featured an all-composite construction and was slightly larger overall. The type was developed by Falk Borowski of the German company Borowski at Fluorn-Winzeln, in co-operation with Bertold Karrais and Rolf Schmidt and featured a propeller which folded rearwards, when the engine was not in use.

Despite its heritage, the An-20K was almost a new design and two prototype aircraft were built by Borowski and these aircraft had a semi-enclosed cockpit, a wingspan of 41 ft 4.1 in (12.60 m) and were powered by a 25 hp KFM107ER two-stroke engine. The AN-20K met JAR22 requirements.

The An-20K was the basic production model, also referred to as the Piccolo A, and differed from the prototypes in having and increased wingspan of 43 ft 7.6 in(13.30 m), a fully enclosed cockpit and a 23 hp Solo 2350B or 2350BS engine. The first ten were produced by Borowski and then, from 1988, by Technoflug at Schramberg. The early production aircraft by Borowski often had a more pointed nose.

The Piccolo B was announced in 1992-1993, it had several improvements and was fitted with a 22 hp Solo 2350BS engine. In all some 120 aircraft were produced.

The pictured aircraft was lost on September 24, 1999. The aircraft took off from Triengen, Switzerland, some two hours later, while over Hütten-Hotzewald, Germany, some 30 mls (48 km) out of his homefield Triengen, the pilot informed the 'Zurich Flight Information' (ZFI) he felt unwell. Although there were a few airfields in the area, some twenty minutes later the pilot informed ZFI he wanted to continue the flight and land in Switzerland. Forty minutes later the aircraft crashed on approach to Birrfeld, the pilot sustained fatal injuries, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair."

Created February 28, 2014