No. 12320. Whatley Special (N6TN c/n 02)
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Whatley Special

02/28/2014.Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This single-seat homebuilt biplane was developed by Vascoe Whatley Jr. It was basically an all-wood and improved derivative of the pre-WW II Gere Sport which was also a design by Whatley. The Whatley Special, originally known as the Econobipe, was built by the designer. Fitted with a 70 hp VW2232 engine and registered N87VW (c/n VW-2) it was first flown on June 23, 1981.

This aircraft was followed by the pictured example built by Thomas Newton,with a 50 hp Barker/VW1600 engine. Despite being similar to the Whatlet Special, it was registered as Newton Special on June 15, 1990. A small number of additional aircraft, usually with a VW or VW-derived engine and often with modifications developed by the builders, were constructed."

Created February 28, 2014