No. 13290. McCarley Mini Mac (N152CM c/n 53122)
Photograph from Jaap Mesdag

McCarley Mini Mac

12/15/2017. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Mini Mac was an original design homebuilt aircraft of Charles 'Charlie' E. McCarley of Bessemer, Alabama, USA. Of all-metal construction, the tri-gear single-seat aircraft was powered by a 65 hp VW 1800 engine. Built by the designer himself and registered as Special 1600, this aircraft was first flown in July 1970. It was lost in a fatal accident at Bessemer Airport on October 28, 1978. At the time of the crash the aircraft was still registered to McCarley, but co-owned by three other persons.

A second example of the Mini Mac was built by a friend of the designer, George Harrison of Birmingham, Alabama, using McCarley's tools. This aircraft differed in several aspects, it had reduced overall dimensions, featured drooping ailerons and also had an open cockpit. Power came from a 55-60 hp VW1600. Registered N75GH (c/n 3), this aircraft was first flown on July 4, 1974. On February 9, 1987, the aircraft was registered to the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham.

Although the type was offered for amateur construction by the designer, development was halted after the crash of N152CM."

Created December 15, 2017