No. 7587. Croses-Bujon B-EC-7 Tout-Terrain (F-PPPM c/n 01)
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Croses-Bujon B-EC-7 Tout-Terrain

03/31/2008. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "F-PPPM is the sole B-EC-7 Tout-Terrain (All-Terrain). Alhough at one time it was reported that additional aircraft were under construction, none was completed. Emilien Croses designed and built many Mignet type light aircraft and the B-EC-7 two-seater was built by him together with René Bujon and the designation B-EC-7 stands for Bujon and Emilien Croses design no.7. The unusual tandem wheel undercarriage allowed operations from various surfaces as indicated by the name."

Created March 31, 2008