No. 7589. Hoffman X-1 (N6313D c/n 1) "Sweet Patootie"
Photograph via Jaap Mesdag

Hoffman X-1

03/31/2008. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Mr. Edward C. Hoffman, an interior decorator from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, built this single-seat light (empty 616 lb, 279 kg) sport plane powered by a 65 hp Continental A65 horizontally-opposed four-cylinder air-cooled engine. After a year of construction the aircraft was completed at the costs of $ 968 and the first flight was made on February 24, 1960. Later the 65 hp A65 engine was replaced by a 90 hp C90 engine.

Mr. Hoffman was a very busy builder and apart from the X-1, he created at least 4 other single-engined aircraft, including:

Created March 31, 2008