No. 8196. Croses EC-8 Tourisme (F-PTXC c/n 18)
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Croses EC-8 Tourisme

04/30/2008. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Émilien Croses was an enthusiastic follower of the Henri Mignet tandem-wing principle and several of his design saw the air. F-PTXY (previously F-WTXY) was built by Jacques Langlois and was a slightly larger three-seat derivative of the popular two-seat EC-6 Criquet. The aircraft first flew on May 27, 1973 and had a 90 hp Continental C90-14F engine. In original form the aircraft had upturned wingtips on both sets of wings. A second EC-8 was also built in France."

Created September 30, 2008