No. 8663. Sisler SF-2 Cygnet (N39650)
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Sisler SF-2 Cygnet

05/31/2010. Captain Bert Sisler was an airline pilot of Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, who had logged more than 15,000 flying hours on 67 types of aircraft by the beginning of 1979. During his flying career, he has piloted seaplanes and sailplanes, instructed on single-engined and multi-engined aircraft, and served five years as a test pilot.

The first aircraft Sisler designed and built was the Pipit two-seater, later owned by another pilot. It was followed by the SF-2 Whistler, which gained the 'Outstanding Design Contribution' award at the 1973 EAA Fly-in at Oshkosh. Sisler subsequently improved this design, making it easier to build, aerodynamically cleaner and 23 kg (50 lb) lighter. Plans of the improved version, then known as the SF-2A Cygnet, became available to other constructors.

The side-by-side two-seat light aircraft had wings of wood construction with Dracon covering, the fuselage and tail unit had a welded chrome molybdenum steel tube structure, also Dacron-covered. Powerplant was a modified 62 hp 1,834 cc Volkswagen motor car engine.

Created February 28, 2009