No. 9200. Bretthauer Rainbow Chaser (N750JA c/n 001)
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Bretthauer Rainbow Chaser

07/31/2009. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This very light aircraft was designed and built by Joseph P. Bretthauer with help from Geoff Bland. Work on the aircraft started in June 1992 and it was ready for flight testing about 5 years later.

However, the initial 25 hp Rotax 277 engine did not develop enough power for flight and was then replaced by a 40 hp Rotax 477. With this engine the one-of-a-kind aircraft first flew on November 23, 1997. The aircraft was purely built to give the designer/builders experience in light airplane construction, hence streamlining was not a priority."

Created July 31, 2009