No. 9534. Nutting EX 101 Firefly (N374PN c/n 10182)
Photograph from Dave Nutting

Nutting EX 101 Firefly

12/31/2009. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Dave Nutting of Arlington Heights, Illinois, was a former consultant with the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, where he assisted in the design of the original F-28 fuselage.

Over a two-year period he designed and constructed a two-seat light helicopter known as the EX 101 Firefly, that made its first flight on May 30, 1983. Nutting claimed the Firefly being the first helicopter with a full composite structure, comprising a woven material combining carbon fiber, Kevlar and polyester resin, the complete structure weighted only about 160 lb (72.6 kg).

Power was provided by an 160 hp Avco Lycoming O-320 engine, modified to drive a two-blade rotor. Both the gearbox and main rotor blades were of Tamarind International Commuter type, while the tail rotor was based upon that from International Rotor but with composite blades designed by Nutting.

An electrical clutch was fitted to the collective control, and a rotor brake was fitted that disengaged the clutch during engine starting. The registration sole EX 101 Firefly was cancelled on April 21, 1989."

Created December 31, 2009