No. 10600. Aviation Mercury 6 (RA-1017G)
Photographed at Bykovo Airport, Russia, November 20, 2008, by Phillipe Vigneron

Aviation Mercury 6

04/30/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The four-seat twin-engine Mercury 6 multipurpose aircraft, developed by the aircraft company Aviation, is designed for wide range of operations: business, mail and parcel service; pilot training; power lines, oil and gas pipelines patrol; forests and fishery control; environmental studies; geological exploration; communications; intelligence. Powerplants are two 140 hp LOM Praha M332A four-cylinder inverted in-line engines. Eventual production will reportedly be undertaken at the MAPO (Moscow Aviation Production Association) plant Dementyev.

Created April 30, 2011