No. 10662. Valtion Pyry II (PY-27 c/n I/25)
Photographed at Suomen Ilmailmuseo near Helsinky, Finland, September 10, 2009, by Phillipe Vigneron

Valtion Pyry II

06/30/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Finnish AF ordered a two-seat advanced fighter trainer from Valtion Lentokonetehdas (State Aircraft Factory, often abbreviated to V.L. or VL). Dipl.Ing. Arvo Ylinen and his design team, consisting of Torsti Verkkola, Edward Wegelius and Martti Vainio, developed an aircraft of mixed wood and steel-tube construction, covered with fabric and metal. Named Pyry I (Snow Squall), it became the first Finnish designed series produced low wing aircraft, and one of the best advanced trainers of its time with good aerobatic characteristics.

Powerplant was a 420 hp Wright Whirlwind R-975-E3 nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, and it was fitted with a fixed forward-firing 0.303 in (7.7 mm) KSP machinegun in the upper cowling. The first flight was made by company test pilot Lieutenant Jorma Visapää at Tampere on March 29, 1939, the following May the Finnish AF ordered forty examples. These were delivered in 1941, serialed PY-2 to PY-41 (c/n I/1 to I/40), and had a revised cockpit, a braced tail unit, and could alternatively be equipped with a ski-undercarriage, later a radio was added.

The Pyry II remained in Finnish AF service until September 7, 1962 as advanced trainer and in variety liaison and ancillary roles. The prototype Pyry I (serial PY-1 c/n 1) is preserved at the Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Aviation Museum of Central Finland) at Tikkakoski, reportedly a total of 7 aircraft are preserved, including the pictured one at the Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Finnish Aviation Museum).

Created June 30, 2011