No. 10303. Dornier 128-6 (D-IBUF c/n 4302)
Photograph from Dornier

Dornier 128-6

11/30/2011. This STOL-aircraft was originally built in April 1975 as a
Do 28 D-2 fitted with two 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540A1E engines.

In 1976 conversion to turboprop started and on April 9, 1978 D-IBUF was flown powered by two 600 shp Avo Lycoming LTP 101-600A turboprops. It was designated Do 28 D-5X Turbo-Skyservant, however, the production version was designated Do 28 D-6, powered by two 400 shp Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A-110 turboprops.

In 1980 Dornier redesignated the piston-powered Do 28 D-2 to 128-2 and the turbine-powered Do 28 D-6 to 128-6 respectively. Eventually D-IBUF was also fitted with the PT6A turboprops as seen above, and redesignated 128-6.

Created December 31, 2010