No. 10996. Caudron O
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Caudron O

11/30/2011. An unequal-span single-bay single-seat biplane designed by Paul Deville in 1917 for the high-altitude fighter role, the Caudron Type O (all Caudron types were initially assigned letter-type designations in sequence) was originally flown with a 120 hp Le Rhône nine-cylinder air-cooled rotary although designed for the 150 hp Gnome Monosoupape 9N or 170 hp Le Rhône 9R rotaries. Examples fitted with the higher-powered engines were flown during the spring of 1918.

Armament comprised either one or two 0.303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers machine guns and the aerofoil employed for the wings was of special flat section and was expected to enable the fighter to reach altitudes of the order of 29,530 ft (9,000 m). This very little known Caudron fighter (variously referred to as the Type O, Type O2 or Type 20) was not proceeded with as reportedly performance was inferior to the SPAD XIII. Only prototypes were completed and the data below relate to the version powered by the 170 hp Le Rhône 9R rotary.

In the shown unretouched photo three persons are seen working on the aircraft, by the longer exposure of the negative two are blurred (near the stairs and by the left wheel), while the third is standing still behind the landing gear. A heavily retouched photo appeared in publications and the internet, the background, toolbox and persons were erased, while a propeller, an inspection panel, and smaller wheels were added. (The only manipulation to the original photo done by us is rotating the image 3.5° to the right, to prevent the chimneys in the background look like the Tower of Pisa.)

Created November 30, 2011