No. 11297. Hants & Sussex H.S.1 Herald (G-ALYA c/n HS/AC/001)
Photograph from H+S Aviation

Hants & Sussex H.S.1 Herald

03/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Registered on February 3, 1950, the Herald was an original design of the Hants & Sussex Aviation Ltd. at The City Airport, Portsmouth, Hants (an abbreviation for Hampshire), UK. The single-seat light aircraft featured an all-wood construction, foldable wings, and a fixed tricycle undercarriage. Powered by a 40 hp JAP J-99 engine, it was mainly intended as an research and development machine for a planned two-seat version. The sole example made several test hops in 1953, but performance proved to be poor and the Herald was abandoned in 1954. The following year it was scrapped although the registration was not cancelled until May 6, 1959."

Created March 31, 2012