No. 11393. Nippi NP-100A Albatross
Photographs from Nippi

Nippi NP-100A Albatross

04/30/2012. Trading as Nippi, the Nihon Hikoki Kabushiki Kaisa (Japan Aircraft Manufacturing Company Ltd.) at Yokohama, began the design of this motor glider in late 1973, and the prototype, designated NP-100, made its first flight on December 25, 1975. Flight testing was carried out during 1976, as a result of which several modifications were made.

Principal point of interest in the NP-100A was the power plant, a 68 hp M2 1,000 cc two-stroke air-cooled flat-four engine, installed in centre of fuselage and driving a four-blade wooden ducted fan. The triple 'Venetian blind' air intake doors on each side of fuselage, were interconnected with the engine starting circuit to prevent engine operating when doors were closed.

A secondary flight test program took place between March and July 1978, to determine the final specification for a production version, however, the type was not taken into production.

Created April 30, 2012