No. 11599. Cody III
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Cody III

03/15/2017. Remarks by Kees Kort: "Samuel Cody designed his third biplane specifically for the Circuit of Britain 1911, which was a contest organized by the Daily Mail newspaper with a first prize for the winner of GBP 10,000, a very large prize for that time.

Designated by historians as the Cody Biplane No. III, this biplane was smaller than the two predecessors. Bamboo was used extensively in the construction of the plane, given the excellent characteristics of this material, being light and strong. The aircraft had the elevator in front, ailerons between the wings and the rudder at the end of the tail booms. The engine fitted was a Green four-cylinder water-cooled engine rated at 60 hp driving a single two-bladed propeller by a chain. This construction is clearly seen in the picture.

The Circuit of Britain 1911 started on July 22, 1911 over a route of 1,010 mls (1,625 km). Winner was the French naval Lieutenant "Beaumont" Conneau with a Blériot, who flew the distance in four days. Cody was less successful but got fourth place in the contest. Later in 1911 Cody also won the British Empire Michelin Prize with his Biplane No.III."

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