No. 11741. HeliSport CH-7 Kompress (D-HNTE c/n 0028)
Photographed at Flugplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden, Germany, October 3, 2009, by Johan Visschedijk

HeliSport CH-7 Kompress

12/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "EliSport Helicopters (founded by the Barbero brothers) in Italy acquired the rights for the CH-7 helicopter design of Augusto Cigaré of Argentina and the company was formed in 1992 to market the aircraft in kit form for amateur construction. A prototype aircraft designated as CH-6 with a fully open structure was built and flown in Argentina in 1987. In 2002 the company name was changed to HeliSport, and the following types have been produced.

CH-7 Angel. The production single-seat version available as kit with a fully enclosed streamlined cabin enclosure and with a 65 hp Rotax 582 two-stroke engine recommended as standard power plant (version was named Angel 582), but soon the 80 hp Rotax 912 was also available as option (this version was named Angel 912). In 2001 a CH-7 was completed in the USA with one 95 hp Solar T622A1 turbine engine.
CH-7 Angel Kompress. This was a 2-seat (with a somewhat unusual tandem seating) development with a more powerful 115 hp Rotax 914 engine and offering a generally improved performance. The Angel Kompress appeared in 1997.
CH-7 Kompress Charlie. This improved model was introduced in 2005. It offered better flying characteristics, especially at altitude, reduced vibration levels, had an increased fuel capacity and in its construction more advanced carbon fiber materials were used. The Kompress Charlie furthermore had a carbon fiber engine cowling with hinging doors for easier reach and an improved streamlined undercarriage skid.
CH-7 Mariner. The CH-7 equipped with inflatable floats (site files).
CH-77 Ranabot. This developed model was flown in prototype form during 2011. It retained the same overall configuration, but was slightly larger overall, also featured side-by-side seating and ha a more streamlined fuselage body. The CH-77 became available (as kit) in late-2012 and engine was a modified 128 hp Rotax 914."

Created December 31, 2012