No. 11750. Agusta A.105 (MM80415)
Photographed at Le Bourget, Paris, France, June 1965, by Walter Zuerl

Agusta A.105

12/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The A.105 light turbine-powered helicopter was developed from the Models A.104 and A.104BT. It was basically a general-utility two-seat aircraft suitable for a wide range of civil and military applications, including reconnaissance, liaison, supply transport, training and agricultural duties. A platform on each side of the center fuselage could be used to carry freight or to provide seats for four troops in short-range special-duty roles.

The A.105 was powered by a Turboméca-Agusta TAA 230 shaft-turbine engine with a take-off rating of 275 shp and max continuous rating of 240 shp. It had a two-blade main rotor, with Bell stabilizing bar, and a two-blade tail rotor. Retractable ground handling wheels were fitted to the tubular skid landing gear. The prototype A.105, with the military serial MM80415, flew for the first time on November 1, 1964.

Developed parallel to the A.105 was the similar four-seat A.105B, which had the same engine, but a longer fuselage, with seats in pairs. Dual controls was optional, and it had a large luggage compartment aft of the rear seats. This example, allotted the military serial MM80416, first flew in Spring 1965, and both helicopters were shown at the Paris Air Show in June 1965. However, both types never progressed beyond the prototype stage."

Created December 31, 2012