No. 12047. Siemetzki ASRO 4
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Siemetzki ASRO 4

07/31/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Alfons Siemetzki of Kirchdorf am Iller, privately-built the ASRO 3T ultra-light single-seater and it made its first flight on December 29, 1961, piloted by USAF Captain Stanley Frick. Powered by a 65 shp BMW 6002 turboshaft, it was built as simply as possible and consisted of an uncovered steel-tube structure, with an open-sided cabin, skid undercarriage and conventional rotor system, with two-blade main and tail rotors.

The ASRO 3T was used to develop the ultra-light side-by-side two-seater ASRO 4. Of welded steel tube construction covered with light-alloy, it had a fully enclosed fuselage pod and tapered tubular tailboom. It was fitted with an 130 shp BMW 6012 turboshaft mounted behind the rotor gearbox driving three-blade main and two-bladed tail rotors of composite construction. This machine flew in May 1964, and was tested for some while before being abandoned without achieving certification.

Created July 31, 2013