No. 12650. Avro 626 Brazilian Air Force
Photograph from Flight, taken in the UK, February 1937
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. ?

Avro 626

11/15/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "To satisfy the needs of foreign air forces having only limited financial resources, the Avro 621 Tutor was redesigned in 1930 and offered as the unnamed Avro 626, with conversion kits to make it suitable for initial flying training, or bombing, photographic, gunnery, wireless, night flying, navigation, blind flying and seaplane instruction. Although the machine remained a two-seater, a third cockpit or gunner's position was provided aft of, and in communication with, the rear cockpit.

Resulting from the Avro company's brilliant appraisal of overseas requirements and the untiring efforts of their globetrotting demonstrators G-ABGG (c/n 476), G-ABJG (c/n 496), G-ABRK (c/n 553) and G-ACFW (c/n 648), the 626 went into large scale production. G-ACFZ (c/n 643), a seaplane with Short all-metal floats and flown initially from Hamble slipway, was demonstrated and sold in Brazil in 1933. In addition to the demonstrator Brazil bought fifteen aircraft in 1937, these were fitted with a 275 hp Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah V engine and were serialed 1 to 15 (c/n 952 to 966).

Pictured in the front seat is H.A. Brown, Avro chief test pilot, demonstrating the aircraft to the passenger in the back seat (not visible), Alfredo Polzin, Brazilian Vice-Consul."

Created November 15, 2014