No. 12904. Kamov Ka-29TB ("29") "Helix-B" Soviet Navy
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Kamov Ka-29TB Helix-B

02/28/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Ka-29TB (Transportno Boyevoy, Combat Transport) is an armed derivative of Ka-27 for day/night, VFR and IFR, transport and close support of seaborne assault troops; in-the-field conversion is use to change from one role to the other. It has a non-retractable landing gear and a 20 in (50 cm) wider armored flight deck.

A prototype, designated Ka-252TB (also known as Izdelie D2B or Izdelie 502) first flew July 28, 1976, possibly with Ka-25 nose or original narrow Ka-27 nose. Production started at Kumertau from 1984 and the type entered service with Northern and Pacific Fleets in 1985. Initially designated Ka-27B, it was given the NATO reporting name "Helix-B", but identified as Ka-29TB in 1989."

Created February 28, 2016