No. 12910. Valmet L-80TP (OH-VBB)
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Valmet L-80TP

02/28/2016. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg and Johan Visschedijk: "The two/four-seat multi-purpose military primary and basic training aircraft L-80TP was developed from, and was slightly larger than, the L-70 Vinka, from which it differed primarily in having a turboprop powerplant, new wings with six underwing attachments for armament, and a retractable landing gear.

In the development of the L-80TP, the original Vinka prototype (LEKO-70) was fitted with a 360 shp Allison 250-250-B17D turbine in 1983, but not flown in that form. Registered OH-VBB the L-80TP prototype was first flown by test pilot Lt. Col. Paavo Janhunen at Halli, Finland on February 12, 1985. Janhunen was killed in the crash of the prototype at Halli only a few weeks later, during its fourteenth flight on April 24; flight engineer Auhani Jaasgelrinen was also killed. Eventually the type was developed into the L-90 Redigo.

Created February 28, 2016