No. 2579. Fokker M.16Z
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Fokker M.16Z

10/31/2009. This type started as the experimental M.16E 'Karausche' (Carp) single-seat biplane fighter that made its first flight late 1915. It was powered by an 100 hp Mercedes engine and was fitted with single bay wings. Armament consisted of a single Spandau LMG.08/15 machinegun. The aircraft showed poor performance and was unsuitable for military use.

It was followed by the pictured two-seat M.16Z, a larger and more powerful design, fitted with a two-bay wing and an 160 hp Mercedes engine. A series of 26 M.16ZK were built for Austro-Hungary (designated B.III) in February-March 1916, these were powered by a 200 hp Austro-Daimler engine and were armed with two Spandau machineguns.

Created May 21, 2003