No. 2592. Short N.3 Cromarty (N120 c/n S.539) Royal Air Force
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Short N.3 Cromarty

05/25/2003. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Cromarty was suggested to the Royal Navy in 1918, first flown 1921. It was an improved/redesigned version of the Felixtowe F.3/F.5 flying boats already built in license by Short. It was not succesfull, 2 additional aircraft (N121 and N122) were cancelled, N121 already partly built.

NOTE: The observant viewer will not doubt see "N126" on the vertical tail, but this is a actually a "0" obscured by a fitting of some sort giving the appearance of a "6". Per Chris Pinn, the book 'British Military Aircraft Serials 1911-1971' by Bruce Robertson confirms that the only Cromarty built was N120, and that N126 was a Vickers Valentia."

Created May 25, 2003