No. 2855. Boeing Vertol 347 (65-7992 c/n 164) US Army
Photograph from Boeing Vertol

Boeing Vertol 347

07/30/2003. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "In a joined program by the US Army and Boeing Vertol a CH-47A was used to demonstrate advanced helicopter technology. Modifications included a stretched fuselage, taller aft pylon, retractable gear, small experimental wings, and four-blade rotors. A fly-by-wire control system was used to integrate rotor and wing functions automatically. In this configuration it was first flown at Eddystone, Pennsylvania, on May 27, 1970. Later the hydro-mechanical rotor control was also altered to fly-by-wire concept, the 347 becoming the world's first helicopter to be flown with an electrical connection between pilot and rotor system.

Later, in the program for the Model 301 HLH, the wings were removed and it was fitted with a retractable capsule behind the cockpit to evaluate the load-controlling crewman's station and functioins for the rearward-facing load-controller."

Created July 30, 2003