No. 2937B. Sud-Est S.E.2010 Armagnac (F-WAVA c/n 01)
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Sud-Est S.E.2010 Armagnac

09/07/2003. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Long range airliner, prototype F-WAVA (later F-BAVA) first flown January 12, 1949, with large capacity, 7 crew and 84 passengers. In high-density configuration there was even place for up to 160 pax. A production of 15 was planned for Air France, after the first flights the airline refused to accept any aircraft, due to its uneconomical performance. Of the 8 produced aircraft, four were used by TAI (Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux), but within 8 months after introduction on December 8, 1952, they were withdrawn from use. Later 7 S.E.2010 were used by SAGETA (Société Auxiliaire de Gérance et d'Exploitation de Transport Aériens), an airline resurrected purely for transport for the French forces to the French fronts in Indo-China. One was used as a flying turbine-prop test-bench as S.O.2060.

Created September 7, 2003