No. 3232. Dornier Do 32 E (D-HOPF)
Photographs from Dornier

Dornier Do 32 E

Flown for the first time on June 29, 1962, the Do 32 E is an extremely simple folding helicopter which can be transported in a small container of 12ft 6in by 2ft 9in by 3ft 3in (3.80 x 0.85 x 1.01 m). It can be assembled within five minutes and uses the unfolded container as a take-off and landing platform. Compressed air is supplied to rotor blade tip nozzles by a 90 ehp BMW 6012L turbine-driven compressor. The jet stream from the turbine is directed on to the vertical control surface, and all gears, clutches, free wheeling units, shafts, and tail rotors are eliminated. Proposed roles included observation and reconnaissance, and crop spraying and dusting. A second prototype was seen at the Paris Air Show 1963.

Created January 17, 2004