No. 5839. Eurocopter BK 117C-1 (D-HNWO c/n 7552)
Photographed at Airborne 2006, Flugplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden, Germany, September 22-24, by Johan Visschedijk

Eurocopter BK 117C-1

10/31/2007. This helicopter was delivered to the Polizeifliegerstaffel Nordrhein-Westfalen on October 26, 2004, and is based at Dusseldorf-International Airport, Germany.
It was one of the last four new BK 117 being built, the type was superceded by the EC145 (known in Japan and the UK as BK117 C-2.0). View also photo 8085.

Created October 31, 2006