No. 6244. Westland Lynx HAS.Mk.2 (XZ232) Royal Navy
Photograph from Westland

Westland Lynx HAS.Mk.2

08/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Pictured at the Sheffield Class Type 42 destroyer HMS Birmingham is the naval ASW version of the Lynx. It has a fixed tricycle landing gear and a harpoon deck landing system. The Sea Spray search radar is carried in the extended nose. This was the ninth example of the Lynx HAS.Mk.2 and was first flown on January 21, 1977, being delivered to the RN the following March 4, and by August that year it was assigned to the HMS Birmingham Flight. In 1996 it was converted to a Lynx HAS.Mk.3SGM as which it serves another seventeen years. In April 2013 it was stored and subsequently stripped for spares, the empty airframe is now in private hands at Bentwaters."

Created March 15, 2007