No. 6259. Gloster G.43 Meteor T.Mk.7 (WA634) Royal Air Force
Photograph from Martin-Baker

Gloster G.43 Meteor T.Mk.7

03/15/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Built in November 1949 it was delivered RAE Farnborough. It was transferred to Martin-Baker through the Ministry of Supply on January 30, 1952. As the aircraft would be used for ejection seat testing work, a series of modifications was started. Between June 18 and July 24, 1952 the aircraft received a 'high speed' rear fuselage as became standard on the Meteor F.Mk.8, and the canopy was changed. WA634 began the first of its many ejection tests on 31 August 1953.

The first live runway ejection ever was made at Chalgrove Airfield on September 3, 1955, and ejections were tested up to 40,000 ft (12,192 m). The first live airborne test of a rocket seat was made on March 13, 1962, the year WA634 reached the end of its useful life. It had participated in some seven hundred ejection seat tests, including over 50 with the rocket assisted seat as captured in the photograph. The aircraft is on display at the RAF Museum Cosford near Wolverhampton.

Created March 15, 2007