No. 6265. North American NA-212 YF-107A (55-5119 c/n 212-2) US Air Force
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

North American NA-212 YF-107A

10/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The North American F-107 was a more powerful, higher-performance version of the F-100 Super Sabre, initially designated F-100B in March 1952, receiving the project number NA1212 in October 1953, and eventually evolving into a fighter-bomber. The designation was changed to
F-107A on July 8, 1954, 27 days after the USAF had ordered 33 F-100B's.

The F-107A was powered by a 24,500 lb (11,113 kg) s.t Pratt &Whitney
J75-P-9 turbojet that was fed through a Variable Area Inlet Duct on top of the fuselage. In the event only the three YF-107A prototypes were produced, when the USAF accepted the Republic F-105 as their new fighter-bomber, the prototypes were relegated to testing duties with the USAF and NACA (renamed NASA October 1,1958).

Created March 15, 2007