No. 6713. Handley Page H.P.88 (VX330) Royal Air Force
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Handley Page H.P.88

08/31/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The H.P. 88 had been built to investigate the flight characteristics of the crescent wing planform intended for use on the H.P.80 (later named Victor). The research aircraft had an one-quarter scale wing of the Victor, the aircraft was designed and build by Blackburn & General Aircraft. The fuselage was basically a Supermarine Attacker with Swift wing roots,fuel system and instrument layout. Hence the aircraft is also bearing the designations Supermarine 521 and Blackburn Y.B.2.

VX330 was first flown from Carnaby by Blackburnís chief test pilot G.R.I. Parker on June 21, 1951.On August 26, 1951, during its 28th flight, the aircraft broke up during a high-speed speed run, killing the Handley Page test pilot Douglas (Duggie) Broomfield. The aircraft had flown 14 hours, but its loss had little effect on the progress of the Victor."

Created August 31, 2007