No. 6873. Keystone K-47 Pathfinder (NX179 c/n 137) "American Legion"
Photographed at Langley Field, Virginia, USA, April 26, 1927, source unknown, via Wim Schoenmaker

Keystone K-47 Pathfinder

07/31/2009. This transport was developed from the Huff-Daland LB-5 bomber. Powered by three 220 hp Wright J-5 engines, it was built for entry in the Orteig transatlantic race, but crashed on take-off from Langley Field, on April 26, 1927. Pilot Noel Davis and co-pilot Stanton Wooster were killed instantly. View also photo 9093.

The aircraft was rebuilt as the sole K-47A and was sold to West Indian Aerial Express. Named Santa Maria and reregistered NC1612, the airliner started operations on the Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) - Port-au-Prince (Haiti) - Santiago (Cuba) route. Pan American Airways bought the K-47A on September 20, 1928, it was sold to Cia Mexicana de Aviacion (CAM) of Mexico, registered as X-ABCQ in 1929. Its ultimate fate is unknown.

Created September 30, 2007