No. 6877. Microturbo Microjet 200 (F-WZJF c/n 01)
Photographs from Microturbo and Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Microturbo Microjet 200

09/30/2007. The Microjet 200 lightweight military jet trainer was initiated by the French small gas turbine engine manufacturer Microturbo SA, subsidiary of Groupe Creuzet. Designed around two 243 lb s.t TRS-18-046 engines, the all-wood prototype, F-WZJF (c/n 01), first flew from Toulouse-Blagnac on 24 June 1980, with Jacques Grangette at the controls. By the time it was followed by the first pre-production Microjet 200 B, F-WDMT (c/n 3), on 19 May 1983, Microjet SA (also a subsidiary of Groupe Creuzet) was in charge of the program.

The pre-production aircraft were constructed of light alloy, glass fiber/epoxy and carbon fiber, and the second, third and fourth were built by Marmande Aéronatique (another subsidiary of Groupe Creuzet). The second, F-WDMX (c/n 2), flew for the first time on January 5, 1985, followed by the third on November 4, 1986, while the fourth was a static test frame. The first pre-production was lost while flying over the sea on March 13, 1985. Due to the inadequate powerplants the Microjet had a poor performance and the project was halted in 1989.

The pictured first prototype was later fitted with a ventral strake.

Created September 30, 2007