No. 7027. Northrop N-12 MX-324 US Army Air Forces
Photographs from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Northrop N-12 MX-324

10/31/2007. The MX-324 experimental glider was developed under Project 12 with the aim to produce a rocket-powered interceptor. Of simple wood and steel tube construction the aircraft had a wire-braced vertical fin that could and has been removed. The pilot lay in 'prone position', reaching the cockpit through a hatch at the trailing edge of the wing.

On November 10, 1943, while being towed by a Lockheed P-38, the second of the two gliders built, was flipped upside down by turbulence. The pilot Harry Crosby disconnected the aircraft from the P-38 and the MX-324 went into a spin. It came out of the spin inverted, descending in tight circles, and Crosby was forced to bail out, landing safely by parachute. The MX-324 was destroyed.

Created October 31, 2007