No. 7033. Boeing 953 YC-14A (72-1873 c/n P1) US Air Force
Photographs from Boeing

Boeing 953 YC-14A

10/31/2007. The USAFís Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) programís goal was the development of an aircraft which will combine a smaller transportís capability to fly in and out of extremely short and primitive forward-areas runways with a large transportís ability to carry many of the oversized cargoes usually ferried to larger and more improved airfields. The USAF issued a request for AMST proposals to nine companies in early 1972, Boeing (YC-14A) and McDonnell Douglas (YC-15A) received a contract to develop, construct and test two prototypes each in November 1972.

The pictured first YC-14A was flown (registered as N8703B) from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, USA, on August 9, 1976, with Boeing YC-14 Project pilot Ray McPherson and USAF Major Dave Bittenbinder at the controls. The second prototype (s/n 72-1874 c/n P2) was flown on October 21, 1976, registered as N8740B. The AMST program was canceled in 1979 and the YC-14A prototypes were placed in storage at AMARC on April 1, 1980, the first eventual being displayed at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.

Created October 31, 2007