No. 7265. Caproni Ca.309 Ghibli II (I-BITA)
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP), taken in Egypt, February 1937

Caproni Ca.309 Ghibli II

12/31/2007. This aircraft was built by the Caproni subsidiary Compania Aeronautica Bergamasca at Bergamo, also referred to as Caproni Aeronautica Bergamaschi. Initially delivered to the Italian AF, with s/n MM11265, it was registered as I-BITA on February 10, 1937. The photograph was taken during "The Circuit of the Oases", the pilot was Felice Santini.

For more information about the Circuit and its 1937 participants, read the remarks in photo 6704.

Created December 31, 2007