No. 7286. Boeing 464-253 B-52G Stratofrotress (58-0182 c/n 464250) US Air Force
                 Boeing 747-121 (N1352B c/n 20235) Boeing "City of Everett"
Photograph from Boeing, taken 1972

Boeing 747-121 and Boeing 464-253 B-52G Stratofrotress

12/31/2007. The B-52G spent most of its life as a test aircraft for defensive systems, like chaff rocket pods, engine exhaust shields, etc. Eventually it was returned to operational duties and it flew eight missions in Dessert Storm from Fairford, UK. It was placed in storage at AMARC, Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona, USA, on June 10, 1992.

The 747 was the first built and was flown for the first time as N7470 on February 9, 1969. On July 1, 1970 it was registered as N1352B and is seen here demonstrating its capability as an Air Force tanker using the Boeing flying boom refueling system. Many dry hook-ups were made with the B-52, F-4 and other aircraft. The aircraft was re-registered as N7470 on April 16, 1975. It was used for numerous test and certification of equipment, systems, and powerplants. It flew into retirement on March 28, 1990 to Seattle, Washington and is now displayed at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.

Created December 31, 2007