No. 7289. Boeing 707-320B EC-137D (71-1407 c/n 20518) US Air Force
                 Boeing 717-100A NKC-135A Stratotanker (55-3135 c/n 17251) US Air Force
Photograph from USAF

Boeing 707-320B EC-137D & 717-100A NKC-135A

12/31/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "First of two AWACS prototypes, 71-1407 was first flown on February 9, 1972. Above it is pictured about to hook up to the NKC-135A 55-3135 from the 4950th Test Wing at Edwards AFB. After completing testing the two EC-137Ds were brought up to production standard and redesignated E-3A Sentry, later they were converted to E-3Bs."

Created December 31, 2007