No. 8391. Pander Multipro (PH-AIV c/n 43)
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Pander Multipro

11/30/2008. The Nederlandsche Fabriek van Vliegtuigen H. Pander & Zoonen. (Dutch Aircraft Factory H. Pander & Sons) was established at The Hague in 1924. In the following 10 years the company produced 37 aircraft, including three Multipro's.

The three-seat Multipro sport aircraft was designed by Theo Slot in 1932, powered by a 85 hp Pobjoy R seven-cylinder radial the first, PH-AIU c/n 42, of three built was flown in September 1932, followed by PH-AIV and PH-AIX c/n 44 in 1933. PH-AIV was lost on May 10 1940 at the start of WWII hostilities in the Netherlands.

Created November 30, 2008