No. 8398. Ambrosini F.7 Rondone II (I-ADRJ c/n 2-01)
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Ambrosini F.7 Rondone II

11/30/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Stelia Frati designed a long range of small aircraft, which were mainly produced by others. The two-seat F.4 Rondone prototype, I-RAID, was built by the aviation section of the Milan Polytechnic, while the nine production aircraft were manufactured by Ambrosini and by Lombardi.

The F.7 was an enlarged three-seat derivate, the prototype I-ADRJ, produced by Societa Aeronautica Italiana Ing. A. Ambrosini & C., was first flown on February 10, 1954, followed by also nine production aircraft, sub-licensed to Legnami Pasotti at Brescia."

Created November 30, 2008