No. 8527. Lockheed 33 Little Dipper (NX18935 c/n 33-1001)
Photograph from Lockheed

Lockheed 33 Little Dipper

01/31/2009. Lockheed engineer John Thorp designed as a personal venture a 60 hp powered two-seat aircraft in his spare time. Showing the plans to his senior Mac V. F. Short, the head of Lockheed's special projects group, it was concluded that it would be underpowered for a two-seater, so the type became a single-seat type, and in April 1944 the project was taken over by Lockheed as the Model 33.

The aircraft was offered to the US Army as the Air Trooper, an 'aerial flying motorcycle'. Construction for two aircraft was granted, and although at Lockheed's expense, the grant released wartime restricted material for the project. Bud Martin flew the prototype in late August 1944, however, the US Army lost interest with the rapid approaching end of WW II, and the market for this inexpensive type of aircraft failed to materialize, subsequently NX18935 and the partly finished second prototype were sold for scrap in January 1947.

Created January 31, 2009