No. 8531. Shin Meiwa SS-2A US-1 (9078 c/n 2006) Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force
Photograph from Shin Meiwa

Shin Meiwa SS-2A US-1

01/31/2009. The PS-1 anti-submarine flying boat first flew on October 5, 1967, almost three years later, in June 1970, development of the amphibian search and rescue version US-1 was started. The first prototype US-1, s/n 9071, made it first flight from water on October 16, 1974, first takeoff from land was made December 3, 1974. It was powered by four 3,060 shp Isjikawajima-built General Electric T64-IHI-10 turboprop engines, and an additional 1,400 shp Isjikawajima-built General Electric T58-IHI-10 turboprop engine was used to provide power for boundary layer control on flaps, rudder and elevators.

Created January 31, 2009