No. 9020. Albatros L-72c Albis (D-1140 c/n 10108) Hamburger Fremdenblatt
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Albatros L-72c Albis

06/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Most likely studied as a bomber during the early secret German rearmament programs, Albatros at Berlin-Johannisthal presented this traditional biplane as a transport. The prestigious press group Ullstein AG of Berlin ordered two aircraft for fast delivery of newspapers. Designated L-72b, they were delivered on April 8, 1926, (c/n 10074 D-888, c/n 10075 D-890).

The newspapers, being packed in bundles, piled up in vertical racks assembled in the fuselage. A mechanical system made it possible to the pilots to select a rack, then to open a trap door at the base of the fuselage, the newspapers being then released at low altitude.

For the Hamburger Fremdenblatt, a leading newspaper, a third aircraft was produced in 1927, designated L-72c and registered as D-1140. By 1934 all three L-72's had been acquired by the Hamburger Luftverkehrsgesellschaft m.b.H, delivering newspapers to the islands in the North Sea, while they had been reregistered to D-OBEP, D-OBIZ and D-OMUZ respectively.

In 1937 they were sold to Lufthansa, fitted as four-passenger transports."

Created June 30, 2009