No. 9469. Breguet Br 19 TR Super Bidón Spanish Air Force "Cuatro Vientos" (Four Winds)
Photograph from CASA, taken in 1932

Breguet Br 19 TR Super Bidón

11/30/2009. In 1932 Captain Mariano Barberán, director of the Navigator School of the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force) presented details from a flight to the Antilles without precedent. Main goal was to find a new route across the Atlantic and after meteorological studies led by José Cubillo Fluitter, the route Spain - Madeira - Puerto Rico - Cuba - Mexico was chosen, with only one stop at Cuba.

The selected aircraft, a CASA license built Breguet 19 TR, was fitted with an enclosed cabin. It also received extra tanks increasing the fuel capacity to 1,414 gal (5,352 l), and therefore was renamed from Bidón to Super Bidón. The standard 450 hp Lorraine A4-12Eb twelve-cylinder V-engine (license built by Elizalde) was replaced by a 600 hp Hispano-Suiza NB twelve-cylinder

Lieutenant Joaquin Collar (pilot) and Captain Mariano Barberán (navigator) and made the Seville to Camagüey flight on June 10, 1933 covering 4,548 mls (7,320 km) in 39 hr 55 min. Ten days later the plane and pilots disappeared while en route on the twelve hour 1,193 mls (1,920 km) flight from Havana to Villa Hermosa (Mexico). The plane and its pilots, and the flight are memorialized by a replica.

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