No. 9476. Beech F33-A E.24B Bonanza Subsecretaría de Aviación Civil
                 Beech B55 E.20 Baron Subsecretaría de Aviación Civil
                 Beech C90 E.22 King Air Subsecretaría de Aviación Civil
Photograph from Beech

Beech F33-A E.24B Bonanza, C90 E.22 King, B55 E.20 Baron

11/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1975, 17 of a 24-plane fleet of Bonanza, Baron and King Air aircraft were grouped before delivery to the Spanish Subsecretaría de Aviación Civil del Ministerio del Aire (Undersecretary's office of Civil Aviation of the Air Ministry). They were operated by the ENA (Escuela Nacional de Aeronáutica, National School of Aeronautics). Between 1972 and February 1976, the Spanish Air Ministry accepted 85 Beech aircraft: 54 Bonanzas, 19 Barons, and 12 King Airs.

Left to right and front to back are shown, within brackets their temporary Spanish AF serials:

EC-CON c/n CE-576 (E.24B-43), reregistered EC-GJS, current
EC-COQ c/n CE-584 (E.24B-46), current
EC-COO c/n CE-579 (E.24B-44), written off September 15, 1995
EC-COP c/n CE-583 (E.24B-45), cancelled
EC-COM c/n CE-574 (E.24B-42), reregistered EC-935, later EC-GDU, current

EC-COF c/n TC-1844 (E.20-17), current
EC-COH c/n TC-1856 (E.20-19), current
EC-COC c/n TC-1814 (E.20-14), cancelled
EC-COA c/n TC-1808 (E.20-12), current
EC-COB c/n TC-1811 (E.20-13), written off November 19, 1984
EC-COE c/n TC-1838 (E.20-16), cancelled 1984
EC-COG c/n TC-1850 (E.20-18), current
EC-COD c/n TC-1834 (E.20-15), current

King Air
EC-COJ c/n LJ-664 (E.22-8), written off October 4, 1983
EC-COI c/n LJ-663 (E.22-7), damaged beyond repair October 19, 1989
EC-COK c/n LJ-665 (E.22-9), reregistered N665JK, current
EC-COL c/n LJ-666 (E.22-10), reserialed E.22-01, current."

Created November 30, 2009