No. 9725. Fokker C.XIV-W (F-1) Royal Netherlands Navy
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Fokker C.XIV-W

02/28/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This two-seat reconnaissance and trainer floatplane had two box-spar wings that were partly plywood, partly fabric-covered and the fuselage was of fabric-covered steel tubing. It carried one fixed pilot's gun and one free gun for the observer. Ordered in 1938, all 24 aircraft built, serialed F-1 to F-24, were delivered to the RNethN by early 1940.

Although not intended as an operational type, they participated in the early days of the war, one even succeeded in downing a German aircraft. However, twelve were destroyed on the ground by air attacks, the remaining twelve were diverted to France, from there to the UK. One was retained in the UK as a target-tug, while ten where shipped to the Netherlands East Indies. After the Japanese attack on the main seaplane base at Morokrembangan (near Surabaya) in early 1942, they were destroyed."

Created February 28, 2010